How It Works

Alleviate Your Financial Weights

Our easy onboarding process will have you feeling lighter in no time.


Ready to begin?

Fill out our intake form to get started.


Discovery call

After we review your intake form we’ll schedule a call to get to know your business, your goals, your pain points, what’s keeping you up at night, etc., and determine if our teams are a good fit!


Deep Dive Review

Let’s take a look at your current bookkeeping records. This review allows us to start with a solid foundation, assessing your processes/systems and outlining any inefficiencies or discrepancies that need addressing. It also gives us insight into the scope of work that will be involved each month.


Fee Proposal

We’ll schedule a meeting to present our fee proposal tailored to your business needs—let’s increase your efficiency and streamline your operations.



It’s time to get your books beautifully accurate and squeaky clean. We’ll walk you through the onboarding process ensuring you’re clear on next steps. Enjoy access to our cloud based system that gives you access to your books 24/7!

Your Pathways to Peace of Mind

Alleviating the financial burden of bookkeeping can actually be kind of fun?!

Bookkeeping Only (Compliance)

Your Bookkeeping Only package covers all your bookkeeping needs. We’ll ensure your records are current, payroll is processed, tax filings are completed, and monthly statements are produced.

Package Details:

Bookkeeping Only starts at $550 per month + GST

Bookkeeping & Numbers Mastery

This offering kicks things up a notch to really delve into your business growth. In addition to compliance work, we’ll work with you to create a profitable business model and help you understand the story behind your numbers.

*Visit to learn more about this.

Package Details:

Implement Profit First

Numbers Mastery

We’ll start with a numbers knowledge workshop, where we dive deep into your business numbers—obtaining appropriate benchmarks, exploring your history to unlock profit opportunity, answering your questions, reviewing trends in income and expenses, agreeing on KPIs and targets, and preparing an annual forecast. Our team will do any work required after this meeting to improve your numbers strategy.
After this workshop we meet either monthly or quarterly to discuss your numbers and help you stay on track.

These meetings will include:

Bookkeeping + Numbers Mastery starts at $1050 per month + GST

Numbers Mastery only starts at $500 per month + GST