Uplift Your
Financial Success

Imagine a world where you receive timely monthly financial reports so you can be freed from tedious financial tasks...

While you’re busy running your business, we’ll be busy taking care of your bookkeeping.

Our tight-knit team of bookkeepers alongside our network of consultants and accounting professionals don’t just make sure your business’s finances are being handled; we equip you with all the information, understanding, and tools you need to make life-changing decisions for your future growth.

Help doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Our team of Certified Professional Bookkeepers are committed to making our clients feel weightless—unburdened by their financial concerns.

When working with us you can rest easy knowing that your bookkeeping is accessible, accurate, and up to date (yes, this does mean no more panic-stress required when you need to apply for a loan, file your taxes or make financial decisions)!

Bookkeeping tailored for you.

Every company is different, and despite what some say, one size doesn’t fit all.

North Okanagan Bookkeeping provides personalised bookkeeping services designed to cater to various industries throughout the Okanagan. Our tailored solutions are built to meet the specific bookkeeping needs of your business.

What we promise.

Bookkeeping is all about consistency, precision and timeliness—the numbers not only matter, but they also don’t lie.

We promise utter honesty and transparency when it comes to your financial life. North Okanagan Bookkeeping uses an efficient Cloud Based system so when you hand off your bookkeeping to us, you will still have access to everything 24/7!

With North Okanagan Bookkeeping you could…

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